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Trenchless Sewer Repair Philadelphia

Contractor: The Trenchless Team

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Type: 45 Feet Cast Iron Pipe Lining


Technology: Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining

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A call came in from an existing customer that had a Philadelphia trenchless sewer pipe repair done in the past. They had recently sold their home and bought a new property in Philadelphia. Upon inspection of the residential sewer line it was discovered the sewer pipe had some minor issues, however, these minor issues are usually the start or the beginning of major issues. Inside the cast iron pipe there were typical issues, like scale buildup and flaking on the interior of the pipe, along with some tree root penetration. If you were going to start a recipe for a sewer pipe disaster then this would be it. The customer’s past experience was a positive one and they said they wanted the lifetime warranty from the trenchless sewer pipe liners for their new Philadelphia home. They wanted to live in their new home worry free and called The Trenchless Team to come out and inspect and repair the sewer drain lines.

Philadelphia Sewer Pipe Repair

The customer told us one upside from moving to Philadelphia is that the sewer lines were not as long as their last home. The last home had a sewer repair line that was approx 92 feet long! The new home was only 45 feet. Outside of the house there were a few small trees and a front stoop or porch. The assessment was a sewer pipe lining, just what the customer had wanted. The technician was able to go into the basement of the home and set up the liner inside without having to dig any access points. Once this was set up the liner was ready for installation. The tech shot the liner into the sewer pipe and all the way down the pipe ine to the city sewer located out by the sidewalk. After that, the technician inserted an air bladder into the line and inflated the liner so it would stick or adhere to the interior of the host pipe. It was allowed to set and cure in place for approx 4 - 6 hours while it set up and hardened. Once it was complete the air bladder was deflated and removed from the sewer pipe. What was left behind was a brand new, pipe inside a pipe. The new pipe has no seams whatsoever and no place for future tree roots to penetrate.

Philadelphia Pipe Repair Trenchless

It is easy to understand why a past customer would come back to The Trenchless Team to have their sewer pipe relined, even though they could of waited a few years to do so. When you offer a lifetime warranty that take worry out of future sewer problems. Contact The Trenchless Team and see why so many of the past customer call again and again to have more work done. The best way to rehabilitate your Philadelphia sewer line is to line the sewer pipes and remove all worries.