Akron Home Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair Akron, OH

Contractor: Invisible Excavations of Ohio

Location: Akron, OH

Type: 140 Feet Clay Pipe Bursting

Cost:$4,500.00 - $8,000.00 Contact Contractor For Final Price

Technology: Trenchless Pipe Bursting

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Sewer repair Akron - A customer just outside of Akron needed sewer repair had a 140 foot clay pipe sewer line being devoured by the many trees they have on the property. Tom, took the call as he was out of the office working in another state at the time. Tom is the owner of Invisible Excavations of Ohio and he prides himself on his attention to detail and is 110% dedication to the customers. He agreed to stop by the customers on his way back into town and take a look at the clay pipe problem. The Akron sewer line was also 13ft down in the ground and terminated in a manhole Tom dug a 6x6 hole where the pipe came out of the house, and pieced the new line together the first day. The customer was very appreciative to have the work started on the problematic sewer after so many difficulties over the last couple of years.

Repair Sewer Pipe Akron

Repairing the Akron Sewer Pipe - The second day he put his pipe bursting device in the manhole and pulled the new sewer line thru in a matter of hours. The customer did not think that it would be possible to pull the pipe thru but in spite of root infestations and very hard clay there was not a problem. The pipe bursting machines are meant to do this task even if you have roots or hard clay. ut The customer said Tom saved them thousands of dollars, at least 50% of the cost to trench a pipe at 13ft. The disassembly and reassembly of my deck, Having to move the shed, uninstall a stone paved walkway, not having a 140 mound of hard clay ( from trenching) in the yard,and root damage to several large trees,(also from trenching) possibly leading to the need to remove them. The customer said “In my opinion Tom is an excellent pipe burster with years of experience, loves his work, and will give you a fair price.This guy is busy, but his wife Janet will answer or get an answer to all your questions”.

Akron Ohio Sewer Line Repairs

At the end of the day Tom was very happy to have another satisfied client. According to Tom, the job was a tough one but it was job a he would not shy away from where other contractors would have just walked away. Invisible Excavations of Ohio is the trenchless company to call if you need an Akron sewer line repair and when you need a tough job like this one done and done right the first time.