Littleton Sewer Repair

Sewer Pipe Lining Littleton, CO.

Contractor: Sewer Solutions

Location: Littleton, CO

Type: 72 Feet Clay Pipe Lining

Cost: $6,850 - $7,950.00

Technology: Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining

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A customer called in from the Littleton area looking for sewer pipe lining in Littleton and they were very upset over their long term sewer problems at their home. The first thing the customer (an elderly gentlemen) said was he would rather sell his home than to be ripped of by some expensive sewer repair. The technician was taken aback but told the elderly customer that if he does his job correctly he would actually thank him for all of his hard work. So to make a long story short, a meeting was set up to go and see the property to best determine the most viable type of Littleton sewer pipe repair.

Pipe Lining Sewer Littleton, CO

Lining a sewer pipe in Littleton - When the tech arrived at the littleton he could not help but notice the entire front yard was very cluttered with a lot of old, run down automobiles. It was later learned that the customer wanted to sell his home because he did not want to clean up or have to pay for removing the old, broken down vehicles. According to the tech, to hear the elderly gentlemen talk about it you would think his yard was covered in priceless Bentley’s. It appeared he was attached to every car, and what appeared as junk was actually his treasure. Anyhow, excavating was not an option and he had to do something because his sewer was backing up into his home, hence the popular repair method, trenchless sewer pipe relining. So, after the tech ran the sewer video camera down the pipe he could clearly see the cracks and roots inside the clay line. The tech then hydro jetted the interior of the pipe clean so that he could get ready to line the inside of the main sewer pipe.

Littleton, CO Trenchless Pipe Repair With Liner

The good news was the entire project the tech did not have to dig at all and was able to line the pipe from inside the home. The yard itself was completely covered and quite frankly to have dug would have required extra costs to move the vehicles. All told the customer probably saved thousands and thousands of dollars and also saved a tremendous amount of time. Once the repair was completed, the grumpy old man was able to go back to his life of collecting front yard treasures without the worry or concern of his sewer not working.