Aurora Il

Trenchless Pipe Replacement Aurora, Il.

Contractor: Ben Franklin Of Northern Illinois

Location: Aurora, Il

Type: 62 Feet Clay Pipe Pipe Lining

Cost: $7,300 - $8,150.00

Technology: Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining

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Aurora, Il trenchless pipe replacement - The technician took a call the other day, as the cold has settled in the phones keep ringing about frozen busted pipes. When pipes freeze up they expand and burst or at the very least cause a lot of leaky pipes. In the case of this customer that is exactly what happened. The pipe was made from clay or what is commonly referred to as VCP or vitrified clay pipe. This type of pipe has many connections and each connection in the cold weather can expand and cause misaligned joints. When the joints stats to misalign then you will have problems. The tech agreed to meet the customer at their house to investigate how best the problem can be fixed and repaired.

Aurora, IL Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Aurora trenchless sewer replacement - Upon arrival the technician agreed to run a sewer video camera inside the damaged pipe to better determine the extent of the frozen pipe damage. There was frozen water/sewage all over the place and it all needed to be cleaned up first before any trenchless sewer repairs could take place. Once the mess was cleaned up you could see that the pipe needed to be repaired or restored so that the customer’s sewer could start working again. The customer agreed to have the sewer pipe lined with the trenchless sewer pipe lining technology. This is a superior product for cold conditions than regular piping and is backed up by a better and longer warranty from the manufacturer. The sewer line ran out the front of the house and under the front porch, even if you wanted to dig it up the ground was completely frozen. So this was another advantage of the trenchless sewer pipe liner system. Normally with the lining system you can have less headaches in the cold weather than a traditional fix to broken or leaky pipes.

Aurora, Il Trenchless Repair

The customer was sure the trenchless repair fix would take longer due to the extremely cold conditions, however, he was assured that the entire pipe repair and to have their sewer line back up and working would only be about a day’s time. Once the repair was started and the epoxy soaked liner was installed into the original host pipe there were virtually zero problems. Cold weather may be bad for pipes but cold weather is still no match with trenchless sewer pipe repair.