Santee Sewer Repair

Sewer Pipe Lining Santee, CA.

Contractor: TSR Trenchless

Location: Santee, Ca

Type: 49 Feet Pipe Lining

Cost:$3,850 - $4,850.00

Technology: Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining

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Santee, Ca trenchless sewer pipe lining is the most popular type of sewer repair being offered in this area. The last two sewer rehabilitation jobs performed in Santee were both trenchless sewer repair jobs. As a matter of fact this customer who called TSR Trenchless was actually a referral from the other two jobs and as it stands today pretty much all the trenchless sewer repair jobs completed in Santee were all referrals. Getting back to the job story for this customer he had called us because he did not want to disrupt his vineyard. This customer had actually planted grape vines all over his property and asked if the tech could come and inspect his sewer to see if he is a good candidate for the trenchless method.

Pipe Lining Sewer Santee, CA

Upon arrival the tech could see this customer was a serious wine connoisseur, anyone who would plant grapes vines all over the property really has it bad for grapes. The tech decided to run the sewer video camera to get a better look at the situation. At first glance the camera video inspection revealed cracks and roots in the sewer pipe. The pipe itself was made from clay and looked to be a very old. After the inspection was completed the technician shared with the customer the good news. He was in fact a good candidate for trenchless sewer repair and the repair could be completed without harming or disrupting a single grape vine. The customer eagerly agree to have the repair done and started right away. In this particular case the tech was able to start the job as he had enough material in his truck to do the job on the spot.

Santee, CA Trenchless Sewer Repair with Liner

The customers line was a traditional 4 inch diameter pipe and the entire line was only about 50 feet. The technician was able to access line from inside the house and with this scenario there was no digging or excavation required whatsoever. When the repair started it was about 10:00 am and by the time the entire line was fully rehabilitated the technician was packed up and left the property by 7:00 pm. So in one day’s time the customer was able to have a brand new fully rehabilitated sewer line for a mere fraction of the time and cost. After this job the tech feels our next couple of trenchless sewer repair liners from Santee, Ca will come from a referral. Why dig if you don’t have to?