Pompano Sewer Repair

Pompano, FL Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining

Contractor: Blue Works

Location:Pompano, FL

Type:44 Feet Pipe Lining

Cost:$4,500.00 - $5,250.00

Technology: Sewer Pipe Lining

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Pompano, Fl and trenchless sewer pipe lining repair. Over the last 5 years boy has this new type of sewer pipe repair gotten really popular with the residents of Pompano. Blue Works decided to make the right investment and actually own this very expensive equipment so the savings would be passed onto the customer. Over 10 years ago you could see the trend swing towards trenchless sewer pipe lining and the fact that customers could save time, and money and walk away with a better product. This is an example of the level of commitment to the customers of Pompano, Fl.

Pompano, FL Sewer Pipe Relining Technology

However, as much marketing, time and energy put into trenchless sewer pipe lining awareness sometimes the techs take calls and the customer has no idea what we are talking about when we mention repairing their faulty sewer pipe with the trenchless method. This customer called us and asked what the charge would be if we just replaced that pipe back into the ground. This Pompano customer was going to provide the excavation and purchase the pipe himself. He just needed a price for the tech to show up and install it, all told the customer had approx $5,000 in his budget set aside to rehabilitate his sewer. Suffice to say, after much back and forth on the subject of trenchless sewer pipe repair and many emails back and forth and also, having the customer watch a few videos on the process, he finally agreed to have us come out and give him an estimate for repair. Once the tech made it out to the customers property he ran a video camera down the line and sure enough the customer was right in that fact that the sewer pipeline did have some cracks and that the pipe was constructed from cast iron. The total length of the pipe to the city was only approx 45 feet long. So after the consultation and the tech provided a written estimate for $350 less than the total budget the customer had set aside for about a 3-5 days job.

Pompano Sewer Pipe Repair

The tech explained the warranty to the customer too, and that the warranty was in fact transferrable. The customer was blown away, and here is the fun kicker, the tech expecting to do the repair came equipped to knock it out and do it the same day. So by the time the day was over the custome had a brand new, 100% fully rehabilitated sewer line in less than a day. All he was expecting was a consultation and by sunset he had brand new sewer.