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Max Greenberg opened the doors to The Trenchless Co 13 years ago in the year 2000. He saw an opportunity to get involved with a fantastic new technology that few were offering. “When we saw the new technology we knew it would be a game changer. Being able to replace and repair underground sewer and drain lines without having to dig is a pretty amazing technology”. Says Max. “Here we are 13 years later and we have become the Sacramento areas’ premier trenchless company because of our vast experience in the field.”

The Trenchless Co is a full service trenchless company offering all aspects of trenchless services including, sewer camera inspections, hydro jetting, pipe lining, pipe bursting, and even directional drilling services. No matter what the scenario is, The Trenchless Co has the equipment and experienced crews to repair your sewer or drain line quickly and professionally serving residential, commercial, and industrial customers alike in the Sacramento area.

We asked Max if he could share with us some projects he has done and said there are so many, he’s not sure where to start. “We have run into all kinds of things in this business, one time we found a customer’s diamond ring in the sewer line while we were inspecting it with our fiber optic camering technology. The customer was extremely happy to recover it.” We have had calls from panicked customers that were hours away from having a party or gathering and experiencing a major sewer problem. We can always get there fast when necessary and get them fixed up in time”.

The Trenchless Co are experts in all things sewer and drain. They have worked on hospitals, restaurants, office buildings, shopping malls, schools, golf courses, airports and hundreds of residential projects using the new trenchless technology. Before you let a plumber tear up your property it would be a good idea to give The Trenchless Co a call first to see if the technology will work for your situation. It's a lot less messy and time consuming than digging and in many cases much less expensive.