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Robert has worked in the plumbing and excavating fields his whole life. He has become the area expert on the new technology and area plumbing companies turn to him when a customer asks about the new technology. “We get a lot of calls from plumbing companies in our area looking to have us come in and provide the technology for their customers because they are not equipped to offer it yet” says Robert.

Robert has gained a lot of notoriety for his experience and expertise in the field of trenchless sewer line replacement and has acted as a consultant to engineers, cities, and towns interested in using the trenchless methods in planning rehabilitation projects in the area. “Not enough is being done to educate the public on this fantastic technology and a result many homeowners and contractors don’t even know it exists. They just aren’t aware that they can have a brand new sewer pipe put in without tearing up the property”.

Trenchless “pipe bursting” gets it’s name from the way the new pipe is installed. A spear shaped bursting head is pulled hydraulically through the existing damaged sewer or drain pipe and literally “bursts” it into tiny pieces while pulling a brand new pipe in behind it. The technology works on pipes ranging in diameter from 3 inches to 56 inches and out several hundred feet and works on all types of pipes.

TSR Trenchless has full time crews installing new sewer and drain pipes via trenchless pipe bursting for residential and commercial customers in the Bakersfield, CA area.”We keep our guys very busy and are now looking to expand as the technology is finally gaining traction and more and more customers are asking about it. They are always very happy when we are able to run a brand new sewer line in for them in a single afternoon and their property and trees are left completely undisturbed”.